Minecraft Shield Enchantment Guide

Minecraft Shield Enchantment Guide

A detailed guide to shield enchantments in minecraft. What enchantments can you enchant your shield with? Are there any bad shield enchants you shouldn’t enchant your shield with? What are the shield enchantments you need to enchant your shield with?

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  7. How much power do that

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  9. Im just use to Defense me from creeper,skeleton,zombie,and spider to Defense me

  10. Never tried using the sheldi to protect myself from the enderdragon

  11. They can manage to protect you from creepers and zombies and spiders and skeletons and endermen and possibly the ender dragon

  12. Shields can protect you from every single mob

  13. Like your skin bro

  14. I think unbreaking III is the best for shield,

  15. I personally think notch should make it so sheilds can have thorns.that would be so cool, and so useful

  16. Can this work on MC

  17. I have this shield and i love it

  18. You forgot something, you can out any of the protection enchantments on the shields as well, or at least on PS4 edition you can

  19. This and the elytra video was really uncalled for and unneeded

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  21. It helped me very much

  22. Can I make a shield with a pattern or design? Like using dyes or banners and such?

  23. Thanks for the guide I'm gonna subscribe

  24. There is one more enchantment that you can put on a shield u can put protection

  25. The Ultimate Shield
    – Mending
    – Unbreaking 3

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