Minecraft Update Aquatic – The BEST HELMET In PE / Xbox  1.5.0

Minecraft Update Aquatic – The BEST HELMET In PE / Xbox 1.5.0

I’m not trolling, get yourself one. For Minecraft Xbox One, Minecraft Switch, Minecraft Windows 10, as well as Minecraft Pocket Edition – Collectively known as Minecraft PE or Minecraft Bedrock

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  1. This is the toycat I know, always making me see the brighter side of things.

  2. Is this on your survival world

  3. I spent 3 hours to get it

  4. Or just make a water breathing potion :/

  5. Imagine a turtle shell with respiration 3…

    God underwater helmet

  6. You can put respiration on it😱

  7. 0:56 he says beach like this XD

  8. 3:43 turtle shell minecraft?

  9. You should be a rapper

  10. In the next update they should ass ostriches and why are foxes not on mobile, they need to update the forest and Savanah, add ostriches, snakes,more dragons, and fighter/warrior npcs. And castles

  11. Ok

  12. And

    It looks like an army helmet

  13. It would be cool if the helmet gave you slowness on land, but movement speed and mining speed in water.

  14. There’s already aqua affinity. Next.

  15. Diamond shell lol

  16. U can refresh the water breathing under water

  17. Is it me or do YouTubers like to rub stuff in

  18. Hey INC, I have a sea turtle farm, would you like to see it?

  19. I found something out in my own in bedrock, if you just pop your head out the water the water breathing regebs my lost breath

  20. Toycat douse this work on Xbox Minecraft a edition I tried it but I did not work could you please let me know it would really help me out

  21. im going to work on building a Turtle habitat that allows for breeding and I will make a video on my findings with how it all works

  22. Can you put mending on it got a book last week

  23. I can't get sea turtle eggs on ios

  24. Turtle Shell is better.

  25. Idk why I don’t had sea grass in my world

  26. Is this update coming to the "classic" Xbox One Edition? I really hate the Bedrock Engine.

  27. If you put a torch down and get that little bubble of air will the water breathing reset

  28. if you had a wall in front of you while underwater then you could use a bucket or torch.=)

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