Part 20 – C# Tutorial – Static and instance class members.avi

Part 20 – C# Tutorial – Static and instance class members.avi

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In this part of the c sharp tutorial we will learn
1. Static class members
2. Instance class members
3. Difference between static and instance members
4. An example explaining when you should make certain members static


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  1. thanks for good example. you always make good examples. love your videos

  2. I have been working in IT field since 2000 and never seen this kind of detailed explanation. Kudos.

  3. Still a fantastic explanation in 2020. I've probably watched 50 of your videos over the years and I've always been impressed with how clear your explanations are. Keep up the good work!

  4. great tutorial

  5. Thanks!!

  6. good good

  7. good example

  8. Hi, so can I say when something is constant, we can make that as static in a class?

  9. Difference between object and instance of class ? Asked by interviewer

  10. Why is pi not declared as public constant .

  11. Thanks for great explanation..
    Lot of interviewr asking how memory allocation happening for static can you please explain..

  12. Thank you so much for this tutorial sir .

  13. I tried to implement the static method and non-static method by watching this video when I implement the keyword "this" for the non-static or static method I don't see the impact of the "static" keyword as explained in this video. I used the online editor . The editor should not matter, maybe the IDEs got smarter. Can anyone else please try this and let me know if you
    have the same issue. I thank and appreciate Venkat for his hard work.

  14. Thank u for another another superb video.I regret that I was not able to find your channel sooner, it would have been useful in my college times.
    Keep doing the good work.

  15. you are amazing

  16. U R Awesome sir

  17. appreciate your efforts for providing lessons in such details

  18. Why would you use "static float _pi; static Circle(){ _PI = 3.141F;}" instead of "static float _PI = 3.141F;"

  19. I faced a question in an interview. There is a class and we want to restrict the class from being instantiated for more than 10 times. Hints were to use static variable and static constructor. Can anyone help me with the solution? Any help is appreciated.

  20. ur audio is worse than shit

  21. Then what's the difference between constant and static.

  22. Brilliant!

  23. awesome explanation …

  24. Thank you. It's very easy to understand. Could you please share any video for private, protected, public, internal access modifiers in C#?

  25. Hats off to u, bcz of u so many people got job in IT industry !!

  26. just a little confusion, can any one tell me : "is it necessary to learn windows form(c# gui based) application before moving to web forms? or just to know c# on console itself is enough to move towards web form ? plz help 🙂

  27. Good job brother

  28. One more great video Venkat. Thank you soooo much for your explaination. But if possible, please make the sound higher(I am using maximum volume but still not enough)

  29. you said static doesn't need access modifiers then why did you add it to float _PI = 3.14

  30. Hey man ,thanks for Tutorials! But I see some problem with concept you explained at pt 10.00 min about 2 instances of same object consuming double memory ,I compared it with explanation of MVA absolute beginner c# video "More about Class and Method".this explanation confuses the concept! pls help here!

  31. static member reside on stack or heap?

  32. Constructor is nothing but a method without any return type?

  33. you are the best teacher of c# in internet
    love from Pakistan

  34. Can anyone explain me why main method is static

  35. have no words to thank you sir.

  36. Sir can u please explain what is the need of private constructors if we cannot access it outside of that class ?

  37. thanks for such amazing tutorials.
    one suggestion > please Improve the audio quality.

  38. Its been an year upto this day that I have finally understood "static". Thank you so much! Love your explanations 🙂

  39. Sir if we want to pass argument in static constructor how we can call that function ?

  40. Thank you very much for such great tutorial. It helps me a lot.

  41. good

  42. One question can we use static variables in non static methods and vice versa??

  43. Very very very useful video !!! It is actually the same example from a book im learnin c# on but this part was not so clear for me and now you just clarified it all for me !! so thank you so much SIR !!

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