Top 10: Side-Scrolling Platform Video Games

Top 10: Side-Scrolling Platform Video Games

There are a lot of side-scrolling platform video games out there. TGN partner Moxness offers a glimpse into this awesome genre with the Top 10: Side-Scrolling Platform Video Games. What side-scroller is your favorite? Comment below!

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Top 10 Pokemon Games:

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  1. megaman ✊

  2. cool game but i'm stuck on level 5. bad ice cream 3 unblocked on hudgames is hard game

  3. Oddworld: Abe's Exodus and Solar Jetman

  4. this game is weird as anything in the world. bad ice cream 3 game on hudgames

  5. i love this game and i have played it so many times. it challenges my brain. its so fun :). Fireboy and Watergirl on hudgames so good

  6. I'm glad I know there was the final build of distress signal on hudgames

  7. Really want to vote 5 stars for fireboy and watergirl on hudgames. It's a great game.

  8. Typical channel that makes top 10 of things they don't know shit about. For some reason they have 1,3 million subs.. Yeah I always knew this was a retarded planet.

  9. Celeste? Anyone? ok nvm just me then

  10. everyone knew these

  11. Castle Crashers??

  12. Where is castlevania??? The father of side scrolling games

  13. John 3 verse 16 ^_^
    please search the Gospel (Bible) all who read this.
    Your soul is far to precious to gamble in thinking there is no hell or need for salvation in The Lord Jesus

  14. Thank you for the brilliant video ^_^
    I hope you are all well? 🙂
    Blessings in Jesus ^_^

  15. mega man 2 is easy

  16. 5. Metal Slug series
    4. Rondo of Blood
    3. Super Metroid
    2. Super Castlevania IV
    1. Donkey Kong Country trilogy

  17. These lists are always subjective but wow some ehm… surprising entries and omissions on this list.

  18. How the hell is [insert your favorite platformer when you were a kid] NOT #1?

  19. is this a joke? who made this list?? pffffff

  20. What shovel knight and ducktales?

  21. You cant put lbp over mario world

  22. this is a very strange top 10. I was born in 82' and have played all these games only 3 of them would make my top 10 side-Scrolling list (and it's been said a 1000 times in the comments where's SOTN?)

  23. Mega Man is definitely the best

  24. What About "FEZ?"

  25. Kid Chameleon!

  26. Wow. That intro logo and the numbers are gorgeous.

  27. anyone remember this game, can be runand gun or side scrolling, your character is like a little elf, i think the first boss is moon shaped or somthing and the beginning of the 2nd stage is a slide. quite popular in arcade.. been looking for it ever since cuphead bec.they're quite similar

  28. Mega Man 2 ahead of Mario…*silently nods head in approval so Internet doesn't come after me with pitch forks*

  29. Castlevania franchise???

  30. this list is flawed…Sonic better than SMW?

  31. Really!? You can put freakin' Mudds in there, but you're completely ignoring Gunstar Heroes?

    Yes I realize this top ten list is 2 years old.

  32. Shovel Knight <3 I love retro pixel art games 🙂 Check out my indie game devlog of my retro pixel art jungle platformer 🙂

  33. Unravel, limbo

  34. Where in the hell is Terraria??

  35. Shovel knight is like mega man but better.

  36. Rayman Legends needs to be on this list. It should be in the Top 5.

  37. mega man is the worst everrrrrr

  38. Call me crazy, but maybe you shouldn't make a 'top 10 video games' video if you're not a hardcore gamer and 90% of your gaming experience is on downloadable games.

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